Dog Off Leash (DogOL)

is an easy to use APP that allows the user to drop a pin in the location of an Off Leash Dog. It also allows the user to drop a poo pin on the location of an offending poo!

Dog Off Leash

DogOL Features

DogOL is a feature rich app for all dog owners that are sick of off leash dogs. Our app allows you to report and stay clear off leash dogs, report dog poo and identify lost dogs. Learn more about DogOL's main features below.

Report Off Leash Dogs


Drop a pin where there is an off leash dog. This identifies where there are off leash dogs and alerts the council. 

Avoid Off Leash Dogs


Look at the areas where there are reported off leash dogs and avoid those areas.


Report Dog Poo

Drop a pin where there is dog poo! Dog poo is very offensive and can cause potential health problems. It is most unpleasant and against the law not to pick up your dogs’ poo!


Identify Lost Dogs

Identify if your dog has accidentally gotten out of your back yard or when they are lost.

Who is DogOL for?

  • Anyone that doesn’t want an off leash dog running up to them and tripping them over! The young girl running with her dog, the child walking her first pet, the older gentleman with frail bones, the wildlife carer caring for a native animal attacked by a roaming dog.
  • Members of the community that would normally call council to alert them to an off leash dog can now drop a pin and alert council instantaneously. A local dog owner who constantly asks their neighbour to leash their dog and they do not, this is easy reporting.
  • Owners that enjoy walking their dogs in a calm and safe environment without risk of being approached by unknown unleashed dogs.
  • Elderly members of the community that love taking their dog for a walk but am sick of people with big dogs off their leads running towards them. Owners of little dogs frightened of bigger off leash dogs. People afraid of being knocked over by a dog.
  • People that find off leash dogs annoying.

Now Available on iPhone and Android!

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